Covid Ventilator build

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Covid Ventilator build

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This from a contact of mine:
As for the ventilator, we worked off of another open source project that rice university did. Here is the link: This is a relatively simple design that is very easy to build and the designs are very complete. The changes that we have made have to do with using a shield on the Arduino to clean up the wiring, getting rid of the wood housing to use acrylic instead, and to order things a little differently than what is on the BOM. To be honest, you need to go through the BOM and cross the parts with the assembly instructions, because they specify parts in the BOM that are different from what you would use in the assembly. They specify stuff like machine screws for attaching parts to panels without nuts, when they should either specify a coarse wood or sheet metal screw or a nut and washer for backing. If you are looking for a cool project, this would fit the bill. Also, if you have students that are adept with microcontrollers and coding, there is room for improvement with the control. A hugely important and useful addition would be the inclusion of a pressure sensor and possibly flow. Controlling pressure is really a vital component of mechanical ventilation and the current design relies on a check valve to relieve over pressure. An updated version would allow you to set the pressure and the machine would monitor and maintain that pressure and flow accordingly.

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Re: Covid Ventilator build

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Right on... keep it up

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